SOFTTOPP Jeep Fabric Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit

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The perfect kit for cleaning and protecting your fabric Jeep top! Buying and installing a new Jeep soft top...

The perfect kit for cleaning and protecting your fabric Jeep top! Buying and installing a new Jeep soft top costs a fortune. Why not take care of the one you've got?

SOFTTOPP™ Jeep® Fabric Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit has been formulated exclusively for cleaning and protecting Jeep fabric tops, upholstery and accessories for the very best in Jeep surface care.

Exclusively formulated for both fabric and vinyl Jeep tops, upholstery and accessories, SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner will safely remove even the toughest dirt, grime, stains and even some types mildew, while SOFTTOPP Fabric Protectant keeps your top safe from harmful environmental elements. 

SOFTTOPP™ Jeep® Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner has been exclusively formulated to clean both fabric and vinyl Jeep soft tops as well as upholstery and other Jeep accessories.

Tested and endorsed by HAARTZ, the original equipment manufacturer of Jeep fabric and vinyl, SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is the strongest cleaner available, while still being safe for Jeep fabric and vinyl. 

The SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner will safely and effectively remove even the toughest stains, dirt and grime, as well as some types of mildew. 

Household cleaners and car wash soaps contain harsh chemicals that will damage your Jeep top and leave residue behind. 

SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is designed to remove the  toughest dirt and grime, but is still gentle enough to never harm or streak your paint, metal, plastic, vinyl, fabric or rubber surfaces. 

SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner can be safely used on your soft top, dashboards, door panels, carpet, exterior & interior plastic, rubber, vinyl and even tires.

Application is simple: soak the surface, spray your cleaner on, use a brush to work it in, and rinse. 

Our low pH balanced, no bleach, anti-oxidant exclusive formula will not leave a sticky residue and it is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic.


SOFTTOPP™ Jeep® Top Fabric Protectant's patented OEM formula protects your fabric Jeep soft top and stitching by blocking harmful environmental elements. 

SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric Protectant is a professional strength fluoropolymer formulation which bonds to the top coat of the Jeep fabric, renewing stain and water repellency to extend the life of your Jeep fabric soft top, upholstery and other fabric accessories, such as tire covers and freedom panel cover. This prevents water from seeping through the top layers of fabric and ultimately creating mold and mildew. 

SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric Protectant contains ultraviolet (UV) blocking absorbers from CIBA Tinuvin© to provide maximum protection from harsh environmental elements. This prevents from premature fading and deterioration, keeping your Jeep's soft top the color it was meant to be. 



SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric Protectant also contains anti-abrasive agents designed to keep dirt and mud from settling deep into the fabric and causing abrasive damage. 

VOC compliant, ozone friendly and contains zero silicone, freon or chlorofluorocarbons.


SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit:

  • SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner NET Weight 16 Ounces (475 ML)
  • SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric Top Protectant NET Weight 14 Ounces (397 G)
  • Handy Storage & Carrying Case


Tested and Endorsed by HAARTZ, The Original Manufacturer of Jeep® Topping Since 1970

Jeep® is a Registered Trademark of FCA US LLC.

Proudly Made in the USA

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SOFTTOPP Jeep Top Fabric Protectant:

    • Properly clean fabric surface with RAGGTOPP, SOFTTOPP, or BIMINI TOPP Cleaner and RAGGTOPP HAARTZ Premium Brush. Dry thoroughly.

    • Shake well before use and several times during application.

    • Hold can upright and spray evenly on completely dry surface 24-36 inches from material

    • Apply 2-3 light, even coats using gentle sweeping motion, alternating between horizontally and vertically applied coats. Allow 10 minutes to dry in the sun between coats.

  • Allow 24 hours to dry completely. Artificial heat or air can be used to speed drying times. Use a clean towel, rag, or microfiber to wipe off any overspray.

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